There's only one chain in the fast food dessert industry that instills feelings of nostalgia... Tastee Freez. We are more than a national brand name in an ever growing frozen dessert sector. Tastee Freez is an American tradition, born in 1950. Our frozen treats bring back fond memories of cool, creamy soft-serve and an era gone by.

In May 2003, Tastee Freez was acquired by California based Tastee-Freez, LLC, who remain dedicated to strengthening the Tastee Freez brand and maintaining its heritage.


In 1950, an American tradition was born. Two men, Leo Moranz, an inventor and Harry Axene, an entrepreneur came together to create what would later become one of America's favorite establishments for high quality fast food and delicious soft-serve products.

The two men formed a partnership to market a revolutionary new soft-serve pump and freezer which far exceeded the technology of any existing equipment, allowing for quicker service and higher quality product. Within five years after the first freezer was sold, walk-up stands bearing the Tastee Freez name opened across the country to sell sundaes and cones to an eager public. Moranz and Axene allowed stands to use the Tastee Freez name in exchange for rent paid on the soft-serve pump needed to operate each freezer.

Since franchising first gained popularity in the early 1950's, the food service industry has seen many chains come and go. Tastee Freez has weathered the storms of an unstable economy and strived to meet the ever changing needs of its franchisees and their customers. Today, Tastee Freez is one of the longest-lived franchise operations in the United States.

Tastee Freez, a favorite for soft-serve treats has increased its menu offerings over the years to include a wide range of options. Some traditional seasonal walk-up stands still exist in regions of the United States. However, the majority of Tastee Freez stores have evolved to become complete fast food operations. Typical locations offer a variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner items in addition to homemade gourmet ice cream and the famous soft-serve treats.

Today, Tastee Freez is a part of Galardi Group Franchise & Leasing, a California based franchisor.

Tastee Freez

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